Green Musings of an Eco Resort

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bear & Bean

Ever feel like you just can't stay away from Maho? That whenever you leave you just have to return as soon as possible? We have plenty of guests that feel this way, but now we have 2 dogs that have the same problem!

Pictured below are Bear & Bean, and if they look tired there's a very good reason - they left their home in Fish Bay yesterday and have been traveling on foot (paw?) to Maho for the past 24 hours. The pictures are from 2 months ago, this past Thursday was their 7th such trip to Maho!


For those not familiar with the island, Fish Bay is a LONG way away from Maho. The route most likely taken would be Fish Bay to Reef Bay, down to the smoothie stand on Centerline, Francis, then Maho. This can't be confirmed though because we've had reports of seeing them on the Johnny Horn trail and at Annaberg prior to them trotting down our driveway and anxious for fresh water. Any way you look at it, they travel long and hard to visit us each week. The first time took a day to figure out who the owner was, but now we've got her number on speed dial. Pictured below is Kelly, their owner, who has now made plenty of trips to Maho retrieving her pups.

The reason they come here is unclear, but judging by the pictures above they seem to enjoy relaxing on our couches in staff section before Kelly shows up!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

position open

Ever consider dropping everything and moving to the islands? We may have the opportunity you were waiting for: a job and a place to live! It may only be until we close on May 15th, 2013 but how fun would it be to go snorkeling before or after work? Hiking and boating on your days off? Laying in the sun and calling your friends and family from the beach in December?

Job Title:  Cook
Days and Hours of work: Five days a week 40+ hours

Effective Date:  ASAP thru May 15, 2013  Seasonal Full Time Position

Salary:  $7.25/hour with subsidized meals and free housing.

Applicant should respond to: with a cover letter and resume.

Job requirements: 18 years of age, ability to lift 50 lbs, able to be on feet 8 to 10 hours, positive attitude, high energy, people friendly, retail and culinary experience, team player, ability to handle high stress and volume situations.

Job Description: This is a position for a strong and serious candidate, ideally with multiple years experience and a knowledge of the culinary world.  Candidate will be responsible for following standard menu items set by our Executive Chef.  This position will be working in a high heat, high stress, quantity-based kitchen, working closely with others preparing a large volume of meals. First-class customer service is highly important to Maho Bay Camps, each position at Maho requires extensive guest interaction. A welcoming and friendly demeanor is mandatory and providing Maho guests with a satisfying and positive experience at every opportunity is what we strive to provide. 

Knife skills

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Virgin Islands Saver Book

If you're thinking about visiting us this winter but need a little extra savings to seal the deal, we've found the perfect motivator: the Virgin Islands Saver book, priced at $79.

This book is exactly like all the books you've seen in other major cities, only issued for the Virgin Islands. Imagine that...... saving money in the Virgin Islands?!

Maho Bay has 2 deals in the book

1) 5th night free, a $145 value
A purchase of the book pays for itself with this coupon alone!

2) Free Maho Bay glass blowing shirt with purchase of our sea star or ornament glass blowing class, a $25 value. A perfect way to try glass blowing for the first time or start those Christmas present ideas with a hand blown ornament made by yourself.

If you plan on doing anything else besides laying on the beach this book will pay for itself, especially if you use it to come stay with us. You can review our two deals and further details on their website through the links below:

Maho Bay 5th night free

Free shirt with purchase of our sea star or ornament glass blowing class