Green Musings of an Eco Resort

Monday, May 28, 2012

What is this a picture of? the clean tent that awaits you here at Maho!

Our housekeeping staff works very hard each day getting each and every tent looking like this one, the tents don't just magically get cleaned themselves! Sweeping the floors, cleaning the tables, chairs, shelves, couch, utensils, plates, cookware, stanley cloth, screens, mirror, beds, washing the sheets and giving it one last check. After everything is complete we tell registration and the resident anole(s) its ready for check-in!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's it like to sail around the world?

Australian couple, Linda and Bill Anderson are living proof that it’s never too late to fulfill your dream. After 30 years of fantasising about sailing around the world, they finally set sail on an action packed voyage that would take two years to complete.

Never mind that Linda suffered from sea sickness, was petrified of storms and had little sailing experience, or that the couple were to make the trip in their home built yacht, this 30,000-nautical-mile voyage was about achieving their dream. While they gained so much from their adventure, Bill and Linda also gave a lot back to the places they visited – working with disadvantaged children, running art and play workshops with Linda’s photos and artwork filling the pages of this book.

It’s a story of battling gales and sailing through the world’s pirate hot spots; of exploring exotic and remote communities and integrating with the locals; and of experiencing the vastness of the great oceans and making new friends at each destination.

But above all, the story is one of overcoming a challenge of massive proportions and leaving a tiny part of themselves in every single one of the 30 countries Linda and Bill visited in their swift, yet tough yacht Valiam. This is their story.

Bill and Linda will be sharing their stories at the Maho Bay Pavilion Restaurant on Monday May 28th at 7:30. Please come out and join us!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

grilling lobster

What do you do when you've "lassoed" a 9 pound lobster? - have a party!

One of our staff members here at Maho caught quite a lobster the other day, enough to feed at least 10 of us! Nothing like hanging out at the grill, enjoying fresh grilled lobster.

And if you asked him where he found it? not a chance he'd give up his secret spot!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

2012 Beach-to-Beach

The 9th Annual Beach to Beach Power Swim is already just a couple weeks away. For those unfamiliar with the event: Starting at Big Maho swimmers have the option of competing in the short course, intermediate, long course or relay. If you're up for the entire Big Maho to Hawksnest long course then you'll be doing a 3 1/2 mile power swim............or snorkel if you're the leisurely type! Definitely be sure to check out the course details, swim options, and map, as it can be a bit confusing for 1st timers.

Those still in the planning phase or considering a trip down here have some good news from Maho Bay Camps - We're offering our local rate ($40/night) to all participants in the race on the nights of Saturday May 26th and Sunday May 27th. Spending the night here at Maho is perhaps the easiest and closest you can get to the course on Sunday morning, just a 5 minute walk down the goat trail path to Big Maho. Talk about convenience!

This photo from last year is from our A-Section tents, which had a great view for the start of the race.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Manta Madness continues!

The Manta Madness continues! These guys just love hanging out here on the north shore! When the first one showed up it took a few days for word to spread - is it a big Stingray? an Eagle Ray? a Manta Ray? When it was confirmed as a Manta we started calling it "Manny the Manta Ray." Now that there are 2 or 3 out there we've reverted to "the Manta Rays." If you do get a chance to swim with them be sure NOT TO TOUCH! - The National Park has even come out here (and other beaches) to post signs about not touching them. Manta Rays have a protective mucus membrane on their skin, and may develop infections or lesions if touched by snorkelers.

Since guests at Maho (and all of St. John) can't seem to stop talking about them, we thought we'd post another video of what we're all looking at. If you're planning a trip or if you've somehow missed it while here:

St John - Manta Rays at Maho Bay - Feb 2012 from Rob Rocke on Vimeo.

more counter top

Want more details and more pictures of our Gallery counter top we posted about last week?

A guest staying with us during the making of the counter top decided to do a nice blog entry about it here:

Kate has quite a few other ideas for recycling every-day "waste" and looking at it more as "treasure."

Thanks Kate!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bajo el Sol Opening Reception

If you're planning on being around Cruz Bay Friday evening be sure to drop by Bajo el Sol in Mongoose Junction between 5-8pm. Our resident glassblowers will have new work on display at a special Opening Reception held at Bajo el Sol.

Our resident glassblowers spend a lot of time each season doing production work, demonstrations each night, and classes each day. They've also been hard at work creating pieces never before seen. A sample of what may be at the Opening is pictured above, but to see more or spend some time talking with the glassblowers be sure to stop by on Friday.