Green Musings of an Eco Resort

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tonight will be the last night of operation here at Maho Bay Camps, after 37 years of incredible memories. Starting tomorrow at noon the property will be closed to the public. 

With perfect timing, the sunset last night seemed to give us a "wink" as it set and said goodbye to all of us eating dinner. Just as it sunk below the horizon the elusive green flash was seen by those dining with us in the pavilion. Some wait decades for such an event, some have seen it multiple times. Many guests last night that have been coming for years couldn't believe they finally saw it on their last night at Maho. One guest said the last time he saw the green flash was here at Maho, in the very same spot, in the summer of 1993.What an incredible way to close out the season and end an amazing 37 year run.

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