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Friday, June 3, 2011

Maho's Closing

(This is just more detailed information than the newsletter that went out)

Maho Bay Camps started in 1976 with a 36 year lease and the day we have all dreaded has come. Our lease will expire July 31st, 2012 as we have not been granted the extension we were all so anxious for. We had also hoped that The Trust for Public Lands and our landowners would be able to come to an agreement, but those talks have faltered and no further negotiations are taking place. Should the property not be sold by April 30th, 2012, our lease will automatically renew for 1 year, however, we will not know until that date if operations can resume. If our lease were to automatically renew, we will have to “play it by ear” and continue limited operations of Maho Bay Camps and Harmony Studios and will begin taking reservations for the 2012-2013 season at that time.

Because we have not yet been granted an extension, we will not be able to guarantee a place for our guests to come and our staff will need to make future plans for themselves. As such, we are planning to close our doors effective June 1, 2012 and will cease taking 1 yr advance reservations after May 31st, 2011.

Maho Bay Camps has been a special place for so many of us. Many of you used Maho Bay Camps for times of celebrations, whether it be honeymoons, birthdays, reunions, or anniversaries. For others Maho was your retreat and your place of rejuvenation, and for all it was a place to get in shape! While this news is sad, this year will be a year of memories and continued celebration of the place that has been so special to both me and our loyal guests. We look forward to a great season with those who have made this place possible and the unique gem that it is.


Dennis said...

very sad :( my wife and i are glad we have been able to stay at maho. our first time was this past january, and it affected us so deeply that we made reservations for march '12 shortly after we came home!

i guess we need to start playing the lottery to be able to help out. . . thanks muchly for everything!

kelly hike said...

maho bay campground is a unique and wonderful place and is a huge asset to st. john. if it closes, it would be devastating to many people who love and appreciate maho as much as i do. i donated as much money as my financial situation would allow to the trust for public land to help them acquire this property and save the campground...i'm extremely sad and disappointed the negotiations were unsuccessful, and i wish i had the financial means to buy it myself and donate it to the land trust. if anyone out there does, or knows someone who does, please help! this a worthwhile cause...if you've never stayed at maho, please go check it out and you will see how important it is to save this magical place.

ellen said...

devastating news. i keep holding out hope that a knight in shining armor would swoop down and rescue was our camelot. alas, not to be. we have been coming yearly for the last 12 years and feel privileged to have done so.

Capt RD said...

We started taking weekend trips there in the 1st year - 1976 - from STT to enjoy STJ in a special way - our daughter thought we had 'our tent' there for a long time growing up - we just shared it with our Grandsons last year - it will be missed - sadly it is a financial anachronism in the world of STJ Villas and Condos --- Mr Selengut had the foresight and energy to create a special place - but STJ has gone through a huge metamorphism in 36 years - A pioneering effort in eco-tourism - a word that didn't exist in 1976 - is probably doomed to succumb to the current tourist trade that prefers heated pools, full villa Air Conditioning, washers,dryers and maid service, special Ridel stemware for Chardonnay,Cabernet and Pinot Noir, 800 thread count linens, Caphalon Cookware, private chefs, WIFI, I Pod docks, waffle irons, French Press coffee makers, bathrooms galore and enough parking for 2 or 4 SUVs. Or maybe even more antiseptic condos as pretty as Grande Bay will be built to sell to STJ Lovers!

There are more than a few non- resident, non VI income tax paying STJ property owners who could buy and donate this acreage with literal pocket money but sadly that doesn't seem to be the way of private property development here in the VI - Villas, Condos and more unlived-in and unsustainable rental edifices will likely be the eventual result of the Landscraping and beautification of Maho Point with a wonderful Gate - maybe modeled after that lovely one at Ditleff Point - as they advertise: more St John for the discriminating investor or previously 'the select few'.
It is Private Property after all is said and paid for! And 13.8 Acres at $23 M is a subdivision Bargain.

Kat Cassady said...

Love you Maho. Sure gonna miss you. I love the rusticness of you.
the beach, the water, the tents, the sunshine, the critters, even the nasty ones. :( you made my vacations so special.

Anonymous said...

I am so sad to hear this. We had the pleasure of enjoying a wonderful meal in the restaurant overlooking Maho Bay during our USVI/BVI cruise a few years ago. And we were looking forward to booking a vacation to enjoy Maho Bay Campgrounds. Unfortunately, it looks like it won't happen now. Does anyone know what the intended plans for Maho Bay Camps site? Will it still remain a nature preserve?

Anonymous said...

My husband and I stayed at Maho Bay many years ago and were always hoping to come back and visit someday. We loved it. Very sad to hear it is closing.

Anonymous said...

I first came to Maho in the 80's, and have been back many times since, most recently last year. I am an old man now, but nevertheless, this is heartbreaking to me. My wife and I will arrive on Sunday for our farewell visit. Thanks you, Stanley.