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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tommy Star Awards

Every year the Hotel and Tourism Association has an awards ceremony to celebrate those who work in the industry here. We have for many years been nominating Madre, everyone's favorite Maho Employee since 1976! Madre has been with us from day one. She greeted children with a smile who would eventually brought their own children back one day who recieved the same warm greeting. Madre loves to play jokes on her co-workers and also guests who are at first surprised to hear her say "No, I have towels for others, not for you!" to then realize she is only kidding and hear her say "Hear you go, Sweetie" as she exchanges their linens for them.

This year as part of our campaign, we are asking former guests and friends of Maho to write in on her behalf. If you have a fond memory of Madre or kind words to say on her behalf, please please take the time to send us a quick letter or even a postcard. We'll take what we can get! The important part is that we let them know the positive influence Madre has had on our guests in the last 35 years and the best way is for them to hear it directly from you.

We have to officially nominate Madre by Aug 19th, and will send in what letters we have already collected. The whole process usually takes a month or so, and we will have several opportunities to make sure they recieve letters of support that may come in after that date. Don't worry, we'll make sure that everything gets to their office!
How do you support?

1) Send a letter: We hope that we do get quite a few hand written (or even typed is fine) notes in the mail as we feel that will really make a difference. Have a picture from the past? Include a copy!
Maho Bay Camps:
Attn: Madre Support
PO Box 310
St. John, VI 00831

2) Email: "Madre Support" should be the subject line. We would love as many emails as we can get and please feel free to attach photos of Madre as well.

Thank you for your support as we hope to help Madre recieve an award she has definitely earned in her years here at Maho!


Charlie H. said...

Ah, I never knew Madre by name, but certainly knew her by the many times I needed to go down to housekeeping to ask a favor!

I couldn't think of a more deserving person for a nomination!

Rob said...

Madre, like Maho Bay Camps, is a priceless treasure and now it's time to give back a bit of the love that she so willingly shared with us all!

Anonymous said...

Wished I had seen this post earlier , she is really a nice lady and I had the opportunity to work with her as a four hour seasonal worker and later lived there and always wnet to Maho just to say HI !!! Just saw her a few days ago doing what she does best , smilin and a being nice and sitting on the bench , gave her a hug and caught up on famly info !!!! Hope that they dont loose the lease LOVE MAHO and the other staff is also very nice

Nunnally Mosaics said...

I recall in 1986 as a 3 hour volunteer when Madre taught me how to get the coffee cups clean then beat me with Ketchem-keep:)Hey Madre!

tim Runkle said...

It is so nice to see that smile on Madre's face. Its been 28 years since i worked there with her and francis. what a great time it was

Victor Nunnally said...

Tim Runkle, how the hell are you? I recently got an email from Jari Strom. We knew Maho in it's most primitive and purity. I went back for twenty years and you know I think Frett still never knew my name.