Green Musings of an Eco Resort

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Staff Spotlight #2

Meredith Femino
Maho Store

How long have you worked at Maho?
Since June 6th, 2012

What are your post-Maho plans?
Stay on St. John, I love it here!

What is your favorite Maho memory, or what will you miss most about Maho?
Laying on baby Maho, just before the sun reaches the beach in the morning, the smell of rain, hot summer nights, warm wind, bare feet, swimming with dolphins, Heron girls, living in the trees, being part of a community of amazing people, family dinner every night, adventure Fridays with The Land Dolphins, porch conversations with people that think crazy ideas are always the way to go, guests that love Maho as much as the staff, guests that feel like family, glass blowing demos/clay studio, and my loving and wonderful store co-workers.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Staff Spotlight #1

Matt Rasmussen
Security, Maintenance, and Watersports

How long have you worked at Maho?
Since September 2012

What are your post-Maho plans?
To stay on St John and keep enjoying the island. I would like to be involved in eco-tourism, specifically guiding adventures and educating visitors about the National Park. I would also love to continue sailing and join crews to gain more experience.

What is your favorite Maho memory, or what will you miss most about Maho?
I’m going to miss adventure Fridays on the island with Meredith, Evan, Elissa, and Rachel (The Land Dolphins).  I’m going to miss the staff community.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The cubicle that our Activities staff sit in is arguably the best possible cubicle one could ever ask for on the entire planet. Perched high on the hillside and sitting just next to the Maho Store is a deck area and covered booth where we talk to hundreds of guests each week about hiking trails, boat trips, snorkeling locations, taxi tours, restaurant suggestions, nightly Maho activities, and tons of other possible questions one might have. The view through the 3ft by 4ft window while you're standing at the window asking for walking directions to Annaberg is incredible: the entire Big Maho/Francis Bay area to Whistling Cay, Carvel Rock, St. Thomas, Peter Bay, and Henley Cay.
Which cubicle would you rather have?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guest Artist Charles Lowrie at Maho

What an incredible week it has been at Maho; we've had the pleasure of being able to watch Charles Lowrie blow glass each night after dinner, and boy has it been entertaining! His style, techniques, and incredible history with glass translates into some of the most interesting pieces we've ever seen. Last week included a humpback whale and a "Maho tree," who knows what this week will bring.

Just as entertaining is watching our resident glassblowers work with Charlie. Greg & Mariel are having the time of their lives being able to work with someone of his caliber. The general energy and excitement around the gallery has certainly been taken to a new level this past week. Plus, artists attract artists! - local legend Steve Simonsen even stopped by last week to watch a demo and take a few pictures.

If you're around this week be sure to stop by between 6:30pm - 9:30pm Tuesday through Saturday night, it looks like Saturday night will be his last night working at Maho.