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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A moment with......

......New York Bob.

When asked, "What does Bob do?", it is a difficult question to answer. Not because he doesn't do much, but because he does too much. I have resorted to replying with "Maho Guru". I took a moment to do a brief interview with Bob who is here with us for budgets and other guru activities.

First visit to Maho: 1985

Employee/affiliated since: 1989

Biggest improvement to Maho over the years: Real mattresses instead of the original 4 inch foam pads as well as actual stairs leading to tent instead of nothing at all.

Vivid Memory: Hamilton's Island Tour as a guest way back when

Favorite Restaraunt Food: Once in the 80's I put my dinner order in at 4:30 and showed up at 6:30 to eat only to find out there was nothing left. (before we had the restaurant, dinner orders were placed, food cooked in town by a few fabulous West Indian cooks, and brought to Maho for dinner time)

Funny Memory: Back when the tents were green canvas with netting for an opening and goats roamed the area. One time I came home to A5 to find a goat inside my tent who was none to happy to be trapped inside. This particular goat had a torn right ear, probably from a previous fight with another goat. The intruder's name was Vincent Van Goat.

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