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Monday, June 9, 2008

Here are a few ideas from Green Energy News on beating the high costs of gas. Gas prices do not seem to be reaching a peak, so its probably up from here. In order to reduce fuel costs, we are going to have to change the way we live.

--- Do a cost analysis of trading the old vehicle for one that gets significantly better fuel economy. Base that analysis on fuel that costs twice what it does now (currently about $4 a gallon in the US for regular). Include in that analysis the premium you will pay for a now-in-demand efficient car or truck and how long you would expect to keep it. If the analysis works in your favor, buy as soon as you can.

--- Don’t buy a vehicle that requires high-octane gasoline unless the manufacturer specifically says its OK to run it on regular gas. Get it in writing.

--- Rent vehicles for specific purposes. Do you really need a truck or van every day just because you occasionally need to haul something big and heavy? Most of the time you’re probably only hauling yourself around. Rent a truck, van or SUV when you need it.

--- When running errands ask a neighbor if they need something while you’re out. Likely they’ll return the favor. Eventually you’ll be setting up a car pool for errands.

--- Make lists before you run errands. Buy everything while you’re out. Don’t make a special trip for one purchase.

--- Shop on the Internet. Let your purchases be delivered to your door.

--- Set up car pools for commuting to work.

--- Learn to drive for fuel economy. Use cruise control whenever possible for a few extra miles per gallon. Shut off your engine at long stop lights. Drive with a light foot on the accelerator pedal. Don’t speed up hills. Coast down the other side. Don’t drive faster than about 60 miles per hour.

--- If you live in a flat or mildly hilly area ride a bicycle occasionally. If you live in a hilly area buy an electric-assisted bicycle if you don’t like to sweat. If you want no pedaling at all try an electric scooter of some kind.

--- Newer cars rarely need tune-ups but make sure your air filter is changed regularly and tires are properly inflated.

--- Without going too far out of your way, buy the cheapest gas around. In a market economy consumers are supposed to control costs by shopping for the least expensive price.

--- Consider moving closer to your job or conveniences or mass transit. That would be a drastic change that would require wading into the dangerous waters of a scary real estate market.

Taken from: Green Energy News

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