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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Send us some rain!

This time of year brings us to the "shoulder season of dryness" on the island of St. John. For the beginning of April and most of June we tend to see numerous rain showers during the day and night, the type of showers that last all of 5 or 10 minutes, just enough to cool you down during a hot spring day.

It seems especially strange this year to be hearing locals and visitors alike commenting on how dry it is right now on the island; this fall was one of the wettest we've had on record, with massive flooding all over the island. I can't remember how many days in a row we went without seeing the sun, but it was pretty bad.

While our vegetation and cisterns desperately need some heavy rainfall, one after effect of a good rainstorm none of us are looking forward to? the mosquitoes!

Pictured above is blue sky and full sun shinning down on the hillside heading down the Maho driveway, near the Francis Bay walking trail. Pictured below is the vegetation on the side of the driveway heading up towards Maho Bay.......Just a tiny bit of green within a sea of dry brown.

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