Green Musings of an Eco Resort

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the bump out effect

Certain times of the year give us plenty of that wet stuff that falls from the sky, what we call "liquid sunshine" on St. John. Keeping ourselves and everything we own dry when living or vacationing in a tent can become a challenge during a downpour. Fortunately most of our tent cottages have been around long enough that we fully understand where to put the most protection (roll-downs in front of screens). Our latest challenge has been getting the water from the small tent roofs to drain properly, and not into the tent through screens or onto wood that will eventually rot. The latest trial has been our "bump outs" pictured below, keeping the water off the screen & wood and hopefully out of the tent. Now if it would only rain!


Anonymous said...

Built some of those last year---nice to hear they're still working. Tim

Kyle OBrien said...

It sounds like I may have started a trend. You're welcome if your staying in B12. All thanks from B12 can be given to Kyle OBrien and Adam Nelson.

Special thanks to Tom for allowing us to fill that work order.