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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quiet times

September is here and things are really starting to slow down here at Maho and on St. John as we head into the true off-season. There's so little foot traffic here at Maho that the Hermit crabs are the only ones using the boardwalks in some areas of camp:

Nothing quite like having your own boardwalk expressway if you're a Hermit crab used to taking the off-road route. In case you're curious, this little Hermit made his way down those steps........though not as gracefully as he had hoped.

If you like peace and quiet then come stay with us this can entertain and tease the resident Hermit crabs, be the only visitors on the beach, and still take advantage of an incredible dive promotion.

1 comment:

Charlie H said...

While it's slow, wonder if whoever orders t-shirts can think about getting out the old designs for the store. Moon over Maho, or some of the other classier T's, would be nice for memories.