Green Musings of an Eco Resort

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a hunter's moon

15 staff, volunteers and guests decided to celebrate the hunter's moon, or blood moon last night with a late night hike out to Ram Head. As has been the case for the past 4 months, this full moon night was truly spectacular - no rain, just a handful of clouds, and plenty of breeze to cool us during the hike.

If you find yourself at Maho during the full moon then take the opportunity to do something really different and hike Ram Head at night, the moonlight vs. the sun shining on your back makes the hike much more enjoyable!


Randy said...

Fabulous photo!

Nunnally Mosaics said...

I recall the days of leading out hikes to Ram Head in the full moon. Awesome photo. Send me some of those cactus berries.

Anonymous said...

And I remember being on one of those ram Head hikes with you, Victor, in the rain ,back in May 2002.

Nunnally Mosaics said...

Nine years! What a strange 9 years it has been.