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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Staying healthy by living on the coast

There was an interesting article yesterday on about how living or even spending time near coastal areas can improve your health. That sounds good to me and every other staff member that calls Maho "home!"

Naturally, they decided to use a picture of St. John, one which we're all very familiar with.

Thinking a little more about our lifestyles here at Maho, the article started to make a lot more sense. After work or on days off we tend to spend our time out on or in the water, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, sailing, surfing, swimming or paddleboarding. When you add a relaxing dinner overlooking the water each night to the equation our lives look very healthy, relaxing, stress-free, and revitalizing indeed.

If living down here isn't an option, don't worry, the article says "just visiting these areas can help people relax and revitalize." - So get that vacation planned!


beeber said...

we'll be back in march--can't wait!

beeber said...

we'll be back in March--can't wait!

Charlie said...

So, for us tele-commuters coming down to Maho for health reasons, can anyone recommend the best mobile broadband option that will work up in the F section :)