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Thursday, August 23, 2012

What did you do on Wednesday?

Here at Maho we spent the day boarding up windows, securing tents and bagging everything we own in trash bags and bins.......for a storm named Isaac. All guests left at 10am and it was a race to get everything prepared before nightfall.

A tent is about the last place you'd want to spend the night during a Tropical Storm or worse, with high winds, lots of rain and the potential of a tree falling overhead. For this reason we have to take things quite a bit more serious than your average resident or visitor of St. John.

Did we make the right decision? So far yes, but even if it was a beautiful sunny calm day on Thursday we'd rather be safe than sorry.

Below, our Pavilion Restaurant has seen better evenings. With our office sitting below the seating area and the potential for lots of rain meant putting tarp down on the floor and flipping the tables over the tarp. If you look closely you'll see the wires that anchor the roof are in place (so the roof doesn't take off like a hot air balloon and end up at Little Maho).

At 6pm it looks like there will be at least a handful of boats spending the night on National Park moorings in Big Maho bay.

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