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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Gatorade Mystery

Every couple of months or so I see our maintenance crew saving a bunch of Gatorade bottles during the morning "trash run." Typically all plastic we collect gets thrown into the trash, as we still do not have any type of recycling facility here on St. John or St. Thomas (remind you of 20 years ago perhaps?). Every now and then we try to think of ways to reuse plastic, and one of those ideas was to use these bottles as dish detergent containers in each tent.

The problem is that for some reason we continually need new Gatorade bottles to use as soap containers in each tent; it's not as if we've been building new tents everywhere, and plastic lasts forever right? So why do we always need new bottles?!

It finally made sense after reading one of our latest guest surveys on the condition of the tent upon arriving: "very clean, except for the half-empty Gatorade bottle left in the tent." - AH HA!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ah haa, mystery solved!! How about putting a masking tape label on the gatorade bottles. "Detergent"
Tim Ray