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Monday, December 3, 2012

Maho Bay Clayworks special announcement

Gail Van de Bogurt and Catherine Perry Welcome Seth Cardew- of The  English Family of Potters December 5th and 6th at Maho Bay Art Center
       Island Ceramic artists Gail Van de Bogurt  and Catherine Perry are  honored to announce a very special visiting artist Seth Cardew of Castellon, SPAIN He will be presenting a two part demonstration at the Maho Bay Clay Works Studio Wednesday and Thursday afternoons Dec 5th and 6th, 2-5 PM, wine and cheese following at the studio. Those who wish may gather for dinner at Maho Bay dining pavillion after. There will be a  Friday evening gathering at Catherine Perry’s house on Fortsberg, St. John. All  class participants are invited. A selection of Seth’s masterful work will be available for purchase at that time.
The cost of the full workshop is $95. But for those who cannot attend  the complete workshop, the fee is $75. for one day only. (Priority will be given to full workshop participants.)
Seth Cardew is an internationally known ceramic artist and teacher. Since 1983 he has undertaken lecture tours throughout the English-speaking world describing the early 20th century pottery movement. He lives and works in Spain but travels extensively to lecture and sell his work to collectors worldwide.
Born in 1934 in Gloustershire, England, he is the son of the influential potter Michael Cardew.  Seth studied art and sculpture at the Chelsea School of Art in London and the Camberwell School of Art.  Afterwards, he spent fourteen years in the film industry making clay sets for studios at Borehamwood, Pinewood and Elstree. Sets for the multi-award-winning film Cleopatra are among his credits. In 1971 Cardew joined his father, Michael Cardew, at Wenford Bridge and started potting in earnest in 1974. By the time of  his father's death in 1983, Seth had established himself as an important potter in his own right and took over operation of Wenford Bridge Pottery.
        Because he worked with his father, Michael Cardew, Seth was able to witness the roots of today’s studio pottery movement as it was developing. His father Michael had studied under Bernard Leach when he was younger so the friendship continued over the years while Seth worked at Wenford. Many fine potters were students at Wenford Bridge including Svend Bayer, Clive Bowen, Michael O’ Brian and Danlami Aliyu among others. The energy that was generated there went on to influence a generation of young potters in the United States as well. Creating a wave of experimentation and discovery based on these traditional methods. 
Seth’s son is Ara Cardew, a third generation potter of the Cardew family of potters. He is now a permanent resident of New Hampshire. He has taught several great “Hands-On, Participation Workshops” at Maho Bay Clay Works and will be a visiting artist here in February. For that workshop participants will get a chance to get up to their elbows in mud! Ara will be on hand for his father’s workshop and we anticipate some fun collaborative moments.
We on St. John are honored to have Seth visit us this December. Seth’s pottery style is a slip technique with oxide and cobalt painted on the pottery piece once it has been bisque. Besides demonstrating this technique during his workshop at Maho Bay, he will also be discussing the art of shape making and why we make the forms we do from a function and aesthetic perspective.

Dates and times: Wednesday Dec.5th   2-5pm   Thursday, Dec 6th   2-5pm.
Cost: $95. for the 2 afternoon demonstrations
Register early, as space is limited!

For more information please contact: Gail Van de Bogurt
Maho Bay Clayworks   340-776-6226 ext. 226  or  340-514-6594

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