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Sunday, February 24, 2013

8 tuff miles 2013

It's a rough start to a Sunday morning at Maho today, as all of us that were a part of the 17th annual 8 Tuff Miles race attempt to recover. Almost 1,500 people were registered for the race, and Maho had quite the representation. All totaled there were about 60 guests and staff that woke up before 6am to either race or volunteer. The guest taxi left at about 6:15am with close to 30 guests getting a ride into Cruz Bay. The staff truck and cars for those running totaled 15 as we left just before 6:30am. Then at close to 6:45am the Maho water station crew, 12 people strong, took off in cars and the big Maho dump truck full of supplies. Not included are however many other guests from Maho drove their personal cars to Cruz Bay to race or Coral Bay to volunteer.

Needless to say, it was a quiet night at Maho last night as we all were exhausted from the event. For those that missed it this year, there's always next year! But register early, and I guess it wouldn't hurt to start your training this week!

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Michael Bettano said...

Amazing, way to go Maho! What camaraderie.

I could imagine how awesome it would be 'tuffing' it out together on the road, reaching the rest-stop to find the ol' Dump Truck among a bunch of cheery familiar faces to boost morale an' boot you back on your way to the finish line. Haha