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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meet the Maho Restaurant Staff

Like our guests, our restaurant staff come from all over - California, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Vermont, New Hampshire, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee.

We thought we'd give you an overview of who you'll see when you arrive for breakfast or dinner with us this season:

Starting his 3rd season with us would be Jeff, who you'll see through the kitchen window wearing tie-die shirts (made here!) at breakfast........he makes incredible granola.

Mike Jones is in his 3rd season as well. He is our "Prime Rib Night" King, and also works at the Beach Cafe.

Jeremy, starting his second season is the Zen Master of the sandwiches you'll be grabbing before a day of snorkeling or hiking. He's found mainly at our Beach Cafe during the day, serving up those smoothies and adult beverages.

Rounding out the "old timers" are Chris and Stephen, both in their 2nd seasons. Look for Chris's breads and muffins and his loaded scrambles at breakfast, and you'll see him at our "South of the Border" night as well. Stephen, one of the 3 brothers at Maho is our pizza and stromboli king on "Italian Night."

Completing our kitchen crew is a whole crop of "newbies" in their 1st season at Maho. Leigh is in charge of the morning fruit & dinner salad bar. Frank is the rising star of the Italian Night. Chris is especially great at Naan bread on Asian & Caribbean Nights. Chris is also our Speed King, whatever he does he does fast. Finally we have Ben from North Carolina and that southern charm. Leigh calls him "huggy bear" because he's so friendly.

Erik & Liam are the backbone of the kitchen. Without them we wouldn't have clean dishes, glassware or pots & pans.

Out front you'll be greeted by two charming ladies at the register, Shawna & Danielle. Shawna is in her 2nd season and Danielle just started this season. Also out front at our bar will be Sarah and Tony, both in their 2nd season. No doubt you'll be asking one of them for a cold beer to go with your popcorn at our Happy Hour or a glass of wine with dinner.

Leading this incredible team would be Mark our Restaurant Manager and Crispin our Assistant Manager. The whole team looks forward to seeing you at the Pavilion Restaurant for breakfast and dinner this season!

(pictured above we have a happy Stephen and Ben through the kitchen window, and below would be Sarah and Danielle running the bar and register.)

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