Green Musings of an Eco Resort

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pressure washing

Living in such a tropical climate right on the water creates quite a challenge when your resort is made almost entirely of wood. One of the coolest projects we work on over the Summer and Fall as we prepare for our season is the pressure-washing of the boardwalks and decks. Each morning our devoted volunteers and staff don a pair of headphones, find a favorite playlist on their ipod, and zone-out to the vibrations of the pressure-washer as they make their way through camp. Some prefer to go without the headphones, choosing instead to both feel the vibrations and listen to the loud drone as they meditate and contemplate the meaning of life. One thing for sure? - the job they do is pretty incredible and the results speak for themselves:

Pictured above is a Harmony deck that has been pressure washed (on the right) and a deck before being pressure washed (on the left).


Anonymous said...

Ermm... your example might be a little more compelling if it was the same deck in both photos -- it's clearly not. :-)

Maho Bay Camps said...

for those looking for an actual before/after picture please check back next week......we'll try to get in and take a picture once the unit is not occupied.

Anonymous said...

I'm just teasing :-) I usually visit at the tail end of the off-season and have seen the difference myself!

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