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Monday, January 24, 2011

How to end a great day?

Yesterday afternoon I decided I would cap my day off with a little sunset sail. It was my first sunset sail of the season and I went out with Fred and Renee of Pepper. I walked down to the beach just as Fred was pulling up in the dinghy. The water was flat like a pool and the easy ride to the boat gave Larry, Susan, and I an opportunity to get acquainted with one another. They are from Pennsylvania and this is their first time visiting, some friends of theirs told them about Maho. (Larry is an Eagles fan and myself a Titan, so the playoffs weren't a topic we stayed on long.)

After boarding Fred gave us a breif history of Pepper, and island sloop. Back before there were roads on the islands, donkeys were the only real mode of transportation. So for several hundred years, island sloops were used. They are very simple yet practical designs and it is easy to see how much easier it made getting imports, exports, animals, and people to and from other nearby islands. There would have been no seats on an island sloop, just plenty of storage and standing room, one mast, two sails, and a tiller. A great boat for getting around the area and perfect for an intimate sunset sail.

Renee passed out some of her famous "White Cap" drinks (will have to sail for that recipe) and snacks and we sat back to let the wind carry us onward. Along the way Fred and Renee were great tour guides giving us historical facts and fun facts about the islands and stories from the past, but it didn't feel like we were on a tour, it all just kind of flowed seamlessly as we sailed along. Susan is a sailor at home and got to try her hand at the island sloop, but we didn't make Larry take Renee's place pouring drinks.

The sunset was great, and we all just kind of stared not really talking, just appreciating. Honestly, it didn't even dawn on me that i hadn't captured it with a photo until just now. It was just one of those moments where everything faded away and the only thing that mattered was that, well, nothing really mattered in that moment........but in the best of ways.

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RumShopRyan said...

Sounds like a great sail! I've never heard of a "White Cap". How can I get the recipe!

Thanks for taking us along on what sounded like a perfect way to catch a sunset.