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Friday, January 14, 2011

A little greener store

Going green is the “It” thing now, it seems. Everyone is being encouraged to use aluminum water bottles instead of plastic, bring their own cloth grocery sacks to the store and buy organic cotton and veggies and pretty much everything else. It’s become a trend; One that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.
Now, for the most part, Maho is happy to be behind the times. We relish our lack of most modern ammenities and are happy to have absoluley no access to things like the KFC “Double Down” (Well, most of us. Some of the staff guys might have a different opinion about that one). For the last few decades, we have not really been what you would call “hip.” And while the rest of the world was rushing around buying up all the newest gadgets and soaking up a more modern life, we have been here, quietly (except for the tree frogs) and peacefully (except for reggae night) waiting for everyone to catch on.
So, here we sit, under the unexpected and fairly new title of “Trendsetter,” just trying to keep doing what we’ve been doing. The only difference is that it’s getting easier to do that. Stroll through the campground and you’ll see recycling bins all along the boardwalks. Head to the Beach Café and get your smoothies served to you in biodegradable cups. Walk into the store and you’ll find a whole slew of “green” merchandise, all marked with sweet little hand-drawn “Earth-Friendly” tags. Everything from natural shampoo in biodegradable packages to organic cotton T-shirts to compostable water bottles and potato chip bags (SunChips has now discontinued their compostable bags, and if you ever touched one you know they violated quiet hours!). With the rest of the world finally creating things like these, Maho can only get greener! It’s a great feeling to be able to carry products that reflect the way we try to live. And it seems like it’s going to get even easier to do that.
I don’t think that environmentalism is a trend anymore. Which means we at Maho Bay can go back to our little corner, happy to be where we are and what we are. Happier still that everyone has caught on.

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