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Friday, May 6, 2011

Big Maho Pavilion

Most visitors to Maho Bay Camps are very familiar with one of the nicest and biggest beaches on the North Shore, Big Maho. We are conveniently located just a 10 minute hike away from the white sand, palm trees and shallow waters of Big Maho Beach. Over the past few years Big Maho has seen quite a transformation, as visitors have found or created more and more parking spots along the side of the road, both the beach side and other side.

In an effort to stop the roadside parking that damages root systems (possibly leading to more erosion), contaminates the sand, and creates traffic hazards the National Park has recently started two big projects that should help protect the area. The National Park has leased land from the Trust for Public Land on the end of the beach closest to Maho Camps that will be used as a parking area with non-permanent improvements done to the area. On the other end of the beach, furthest from Maho Camps, renovations will be done the the existing pavilion area. Bathrooms are being installed and a few extra parking spots will be created as well as "enhancements to the picnic area" for a grand total of about $500k. The old blue pavilion structure has taken quite a transformation in the past weeks, but we hope to see some beautiful results soon!

Pictured below, what the Big Maho parking situation never looks like at noon on any day of the week:

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