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Saturday, May 7, 2011

lazy afternoons

Some have it pretty good. If anyone knows best how to fully relax, it would have to be Althea. Of all the visitors and locals relaxing on this island, she definitely wins the award for most hours spent "Limin." Today we found her fully stretched-out in a chair just in front of the Maho Store, our lunch time social spot, around noon. While I felt like telling her the chair was for guests or staff and not cats, I thought better of it when I realized she has spent more time on this island than almost everyone that works here.

If you see Althea during your stay be sure to stop and say hello, she has let thousands of guests pet her over the years and will certainly appreciate your friendly touch, even if you wake her up.

1 comment:

Nunnally Mosaics said...

Hey Althea, you must be 15 years old. I think I renamed her ShufflePuck