Green Musings of an Eco Resort

Sunday, June 5, 2011

guest video

A few days ago we were sent a link to a great video about Maho by a recent guest:


kelly said...

great job! thanks for sharing! not gonna lie...tears filled my eyes as soon as "thanks for the memories" flashed on the screen. this just can't be the end.

Christine said...

Wonderful video! I too had tears in my eyes by the end.

I had a hunch that I had seen the hat wearing mustached man aboard the Pepper shots before, and I do believe we took that sunset sail with Renee and Fred together!

I knew for sure we shared our vacation week when I saw my sea turtle sand sculpture included in the video :) Alas, you must have caught it in the morning when the water just barely washed away his head.

I hope so deeply in my heart that this wonderful place continues to share it's magic with generations to come.