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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Little Maho Dolphins

Apparently we should have trademarked our "year of the dolphin" tagline, because they seem to be everywhere this year.........2/6/11, 2/13/11

Captain Fred and Renee sent us these pictures today with the following: "We were getting ready for our sunset sail on Friday when we spotted what we thought was one..then two..then finally three dolphins in Maho Bay at our mooring. Woody was headed over to Francis Bay..we called him over and they were right between him and Pepper."

Those looking for more can search sailpepper on Facebook for video as well.

If you look closely in the distance you can see a couple Maho tents, but those with a careful eye looking even closer (click to enlarge) will notice a car on the beach at Big Maho Beach - something you never would have seen just a few years ago. Please Please Please don't park on the beach! Vehicles parking on the beach drip oil, gas, coolant and a host of other fluids onto our beaches and then into our beautiful waters eventually damaging our ecosystem, as well as damaging the root systems of the surrounding vegetation vital in helping run-off and erosion.

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