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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

big waves at Little Maho


Those of you that live on the coast in the states will probably get a good laugh out of this, but the waves in this video are monstrous to us!

During the winter we tend to get swells every other week or so, bringing "big" waves to our beaches. This swell is a few weeks early, and since it was mainly a north-northeast swell our own Little Maho beach saw some heavy wave action. Previous guests to Maho will indeed think these waves are much different than the 1-2 inch ripples that usually hit our beach. Those visiting Cinnamon Bay will find almost a direct hit from the swell, producing the kind of waves you can actually surf - something that doesn't happen often here on St. John!

If you happen to be visiting during one of these swells and feel like it's taken all of your beach options away; fear not: if we're getting heavy waves on the north side of the island it means that the south side should be perfectly calm.

1 comment:

Charlie said...

Been body surfing twice at little Maho, and it was fun as a novelty.

Cinnamon Bay, the break is usually so sharp body surfing isn't fun - you get hurled up on the sand!