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Sunday, November 6, 2011

We've been hit!

As if we weren't far enough off the grid and disconnected from the rest of the world already.............our phone system and internet here at Maho has been down for the past couple of days due to lightning giving us a direct hit. At about 2:30am Friday morning one of the loudest and most violent thunder & lightning storms made its way over the hill from Annaberg and towards Whistling Cay, but not before striking a phone pole and tent in staff section.

According to NOAA, the odds of being hit by lightning are about 1/1,000,000, though one staff member came dangerously close during this storm - the lightning came through the tent and struck the bed, just a matter of inches away from where he was sleeping. Needless to say, it was a very scary moment and night for all of us here at Maho as we started to access damage and deal with the emotional aspects of coming so close to being hit.

Nothing other than our phone system, internet, and one staff tent was damaged (though we're still in the middle of fixing everything!).

If you're trying to reach us please email. We have our internet back up and running, but the phone system is still down. If you're trying to make a reservation please send us the request via email and we will email or call you back asap.

Top picture: where the lightning came through the tent, near the roof
bottom picture: portion of the mattress that was hit


Anonymous said...

Wow, that must have been some exciting night!! So glad that nobody was hurt!!
Best to all,
Tim R.

SR said...

Oh my GOD! I hope everyone is safe and you all recovery fast from this!