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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

good deeds for the day

Donny, one of our maintenance crew members here at Maho, took it upon himself to do something really neat for us on his day off today: pick up trash!

Starting at Maho he decided to walk down the driveway, jumping into the woods now and then to grab the stray bottle or plastic bag that had drifted out of sight. The driveway itself is shared by many, not just us here at Maho - The National Park Service has a house near our property, along with 5 different houses and villas. But regardless of how much traffic there is on the road, it still boggles my mind how trash actually arrives on the road to begin with.

By the end of the driveway Donny had collected 3 bags of trash, 1 car battery (really?!), and a couple of steel poles.

The next time you see Donny around Maho buy him a beer and say thanks! (but make sure it's while he's off the clock!).

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