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Saturday, February 25, 2012

an 8 tuff Sweet 16

The Sweet 16 this year!

It was a "tuff" morning for 8 staff that decided waking up before the sun and running from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay with 1092 other people would be a good idea. We all do it for different reasons: its fun, different, a ritual, because we're crazy, because we want a t-shirt, because we have to beat last years time, to get in shape, whatever the reason we're all glad once we finish!

As usual we had our Maho water station at mile 7, cheering us to the finish line with "the final countdown" song blasting! Just when we needed that kind of a boost to propel us that last 1.38 miles. Thank you Maho supporters!

If you've never done it you need to try it! Sign-up early next year, this year the race was sold out a good month or two ago.

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