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Sunday, February 19, 2012

veggie oil pottery

We officially had our first kiln firing done entirely with our recycled veggie oil recently. The result? a success!

We had all 4 burners going, 2 on each side of the kiln. In the picture above you can see the trash buckets under each burner used to collect any extra oil that didn't get burned, we'd then dump it back into the main tank. A lot of work, yes, but worth it in the end:

The temperature didn't stay as consistent throughout the kiln as we would have liked, but that only adds to the uniqueness with each piece in my opinion! The temperature on the bottom (where all 4 burners are located) reached about 2500°F, while the temperature at the top only reached about 2300ish°F. If you look closely at the picture above you can see the spike cones, with the cones near the bottom bent and the cones near the top sticking straight up. The cones at the top did not reach the ideal temperature, and thus did not bend like the cones at the bottom.

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