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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Manta Madness continues!

The Manta Madness continues! These guys just love hanging out here on the north shore! When the first one showed up it took a few days for word to spread - is it a big Stingray? an Eagle Ray? a Manta Ray? When it was confirmed as a Manta we started calling it "Manny the Manta Ray." Now that there are 2 or 3 out there we've reverted to "the Manta Rays." If you do get a chance to swim with them be sure NOT TO TOUCH! - The National Park has even come out here (and other beaches) to post signs about not touching them. Manta Rays have a protective mucus membrane on their skin, and may develop infections or lesions if touched by snorkelers.

Since guests at Maho (and all of St. John) can't seem to stop talking about them, we thought we'd post another video of what we're all looking at. If you're planning a trip or if you've somehow missed it while here:

St John - Manta Rays at Maho Bay - Feb 2012 from Rob Rocke on Vimeo.

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