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Saturday, May 12, 2012

2012 Beach-to-Beach

The 9th Annual Beach to Beach Power Swim is already just a couple weeks away. For those unfamiliar with the event: Starting at Big Maho swimmers have the option of competing in the short course, intermediate, long course or relay. If you're up for the entire Big Maho to Hawksnest long course then you'll be doing a 3 1/2 mile power swim............or snorkel if you're the leisurely type! Definitely be sure to check out the course details, swim options, and map, as it can be a bit confusing for 1st timers.

Those still in the planning phase or considering a trip down here have some good news from Maho Bay Camps - We're offering our local rate ($40/night) to all participants in the race on the nights of Saturday May 26th and Sunday May 27th. Spending the night here at Maho is perhaps the easiest and closest you can get to the course on Sunday morning, just a 5 minute walk down the goat trail path to Big Maho. Talk about convenience!

This photo from last year is from our A-Section tents, which had a great view for the start of the race.

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Anonymous said...

Had the pleasure of doing the mini-version of this swim, just a hike down to Cinnamon, over the rocks to Peter Bay, and a snorkel around to the private beach at the rough point where we've always turned back before, then a first time around the island in Trunk Bay & back, last February on a fairly calm day - assume the water is a little calmer in May than Feb for the Beach to Beach! Crossed off one of the milestones to go along with hikes across the island, a swim around Whistle Cay (with Fred on another calm day!). Have to think of what's left for next year ...