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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Staff Spotlight #5

Emily Kernen

How long have you worked at Maho?
2009-2010, and then November 2012-present

What are your post-Maho plans?
Go back to Ghana West Africa this summer and work with a group of local artisans to create a line of recycled hand bags and shoes that will empower them to access an international market. Darika Designs: The Empowerment Project:  I plan to move back to St. John and introduce the hand bags to environmentally conscious stores in the Caribbean.

What is your favorite Maho memory, or what will you miss most about Maho?
Living in beach front property with some of your closest friends. The bond that has been formed between anyone who has ever visited or worked at Maho. Everything! There is no place like Maho.

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