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Saturday, October 23, 2010

DOT Instant Credit

A note from the Resort Manager:

This week I was looking into flights for my Dad to come down and visit me. I tried a search on Travelocity to get a base line for us to see if it would even be feasible. Flying from Nashville with 1 stop came up at $578, not bad I thought. Then on the left hand side of the screen, I noticed a link that read “Flight and hotel starting at $578!”. Surely not. How is that possible? I’m a sucker for a deal and for pushing buttons that say “push me”, so I clicked only to be amazed at what I saw. For $578, the cost of the original ticket, my dad could get the same flight and 5 nights accommodations at Maho Bay Camps.

Its too good to be true. How could this happen? A little digging and I realize its part of the Department of Tourism’s new Sizzlin' Sampler package. The nuts and bolts of it are that reservations (minimum of 2 guests five night stay) are eligible for a $350 instant credit from the Department of Tourism that is immediately applied! These packages must be booked through a travel wholesaler like Travelocity or Expedia, but thanks to the Department of Tourism, our guests can now travel to us before Dec 15th and basically have the equivalent of a 5 night stay at Maho paid for in the instant credit (booking deadline is Oct 31st so act fast!).

Looks like Dad will be coming to visit, and hopefully you will too!


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