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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Goodbye's and Hello's

This season we will be saying goodbye to some old things, and hello to some new things around camp. In our restaurant you will notice that we have a new selection of juice from the Nantucket Nectar line that comes in glass bottles that we can recycle here on property through our Glass Blowing Studio. We are replacing the previous line we carried which was in plastic bottles. Along the same lines, we have removed 20oz Coke & other soda bottles from our store. Last season alone we sold 9,360 bottles of 20oz sodas! If we can get most of those converted to aluminum & glass we can recycle and reuse whatever we bring to Maho, since St. John does not have any recycling available on the island. However, we are able to recycle the aluminum soda cans on St. Thomas when we make trips to Home Depot and for other supplies, and as mentioned previously we crush and reuse clear glass for our Glass Studio (more details in a later post!). For the past few years we haven’t carried a 16-20oz bottled waters in our store for the same reason we are removing 20oz sodas, but we have found a new company that uses a bottle made completely from plants and is not petroleum based, . They also use spring water instead of filtered city water like some companies. We hope to be able to have it in stock in just a few weeks.

We are working on providing more natural and organic products in our store, which proves a bit difficult at times on the island. If there is not already a distributorship set up with a wholesaler then it is very difficult to get items we would like to carry such as Tom’s of Maine and Dr. Brommer’s soaps. We hope you enjoy some of our new selections this year, but more on that later.

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