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Sunday, October 24, 2010


The views from the previous post about F-Pavilion are perfect, just as long as you don't look up!

As many of you probably know, St. John was introduced to a Hurricane named Earl this past September. While generally speaking the damage to St. John and Maho Bay was as good as we could hope for, there was still plenty of small annoying damage done to the Camps. A good example of this was our roof on F-Pavilion and our main dining area pavilion. While the dining area pavilion is closed the good news is that new roof has been ordered and shipped for both pavilions, and will be ready for business as usual this season. Even better news is that we only needed to purchase portions of new roof for each pavilion, not entirely new roofs. If you look really carefully at the pictures you can see a support wire running from the roof to the floor - used during high winds to secure the roof so that the roof and whole structure doesn't end up at Little Maho Beach! If you look even closer you'll also notice something on the tables, our Art Center has been busy making lots and lots of paper in this beautiful sunny weather, and the tables under the damaged roof bring plenty of sun to dry each piece of paper!

We're all looking forward to enjoying those beautiful sunsets in our main dining pavilion again.


Barb said...

The pictures are beautiful! We are coming down end of November so I was caught off guard by the comment that the dining pavilion is closed! What is the estimated time on getting that up and running again? Can't wait to get back down there!

Maho Bay Camps said...

It will be open by the end of November, it should be open by the end of this week - we just got the roof today!

RumShopRyan said...

Just found your blog. I look forward to following Maho news and adventures!


Anonymous said...

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skylights Toowoomba said...

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