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Sunday, February 6, 2011

while underwater with the Pepper!

Kay and Larry are frequent guests at Maho Bay and have come down for years. They always take 2 or 3 trips each vacation sailing with us on the Pepper....Larry actually made our wedding rings!

Here's Larry snorkeling with the old ball and chain......wife not pictured!

He was retrieving a mooring ball that had floated to Anna's Point while on a Pepper snorkel trip.

The other is of Kay snorkeling in Francis Bay as she has an incredible encounter with a dolphin....don't they look like they are really checking each other out!


Fred and Renee

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Anonymous said...

We don't blog and now we are one? Kay and I have been coming to Maho for 15 years. Staying at Maho is always a special part of the year. We love the sea and its beautiful creatures. Snorkeling at Maho and with Fred and Renee is very special. Every year brings a new and wonderful experience. Playing with the dolphin is very high on the list. Mooring ball? I thought I had found a giant jelly fish. Larry