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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a distraction from work

We were recently up in one of our Harmony units taking some pictures of the newly renovated look we've given each unit when all of a sudden and like a school of fish changing direction, we were drawn to the deck & view over Big Maho Beach. There wasn't anything special happening; other than completely calm and peaceful waters, gentle breezes, and boats drifting on moorings. It was that feeling of nothing happening and complete peacefulness that took us away from our task at hand and "forced" us to spend some time enjoying the view. Our housekeeping manager even brought forth a most interesting statement: "I would say the views in each unit is our biggest distraction from cleaning each day." Nothing quite like having a distraction like that during work!

If you feel like being distracted yourself, give us a call or email and reserve a unit.

Last week we had an entry about being able to see the Manta Ray from certain Harmony units, you can see how with the above picture (Manta Ray not present during photo!).

More pictures and details of our renovated units, "soon come"

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