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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Idea to keep Maho open

It's hard to say how often our staff at Maho answer questions about our lease each day or week, this time of year it could be hundreds of times each week between all of us. One of the more interesting suggestions this week came from a 13 year old guest:

Dear Mr. Selengut,

My family and I have been coming to
Maho regularly ever since 2009, and enjoyed it more and more each
year, which is why none of us like the idea of Maho closing. I
recently came up with an idea for giving the effort to save Maho a
little extra push. With a little convincing, the Westin on St. John
might give some help. If you could get in touch with them and
exaggerate the possibility of another luxury hotel going up where Maho
is now, they might be interested in helping. After all, St. John gets
a limited number of visitors compared to other Caribbean destinations,
and another hotel like themselves might make them feel a bit
uncomfortable. Maho Bay Camps poses no threat to the Westin because
those who stay at the Westin would never think of staying at Maho,
while those who choose to stay at Maho would never think of staying at
the Westin. Not only that, but helping to save an eco-friendly
campground couldn't be bad for the Westin's reputation either. If you
could convince them that if they help out that there is something in
it for them, they might just give the effort to save Maho a little
extra push.


Theo, age 13


Anonymous said...

Has there been any consideration of a
co-operative for the ownership entity for Maho?

Evelyn Louise said...


My daughter is only 3 and we have another on the way and I've always wanted to take my kids to Maho as soon as they were big enough to safely to steps. I will be so sad if I don't get that opportunity.

Anonymous said...

If planning to work in the exchange program Sept, 2012, is there any chance resort will not be open?

Maho Bay Camps said...

We are open through May 2013