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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It's been quite an interesting month out here at Maho, what with all the new creatures making special visits to our "back yard." The Manta Ray sightings are still happening every day, with the latest estimate being 3 separate rays swimming about Little, Big & Francis Beach.

This week the big news was a lone Flamingo dinning in the salt pond behind Francis Beach. Flamingos are not common here on St. John, though more so further "up island" in Anegada. We're not exactly sure how or why this one arrived, but it sure looks out of place among the other resident ducks and birds at the salt pond.

While you're checking out the Flamingo you might as well enjoy a stroll around the entire pond - via the recently extended boardwalk (complements of Friends of the VI National Park).

Pictured above is our new friend at the Francis salt pond, not nice enough to give us the classic "one leg flamingo stance"

The new boardwalk surrounding the pond starts at the look-out point, where the line between old boardwalk and new boardwalk can clearly be seen.

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