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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Staff Spotlight #3

Crispin T. Somera
Executive Chef

How long have you worked at Maho?
3 seasons (years) 

What are your post-Maho plans?
After some time in Puerto Rico, I will return to San Diego. I have some connections in the organic farm-to-table restaurant movement there. I want to become involved in that somehow.

What is your favorite Maho memory, or what will you miss most about Maho?
I will miss the afternoon Maho staff beach parties at Francis. I will miss meeting people from all over the world. I will miss the friends at Maho. I will miss the Maria Hope Trail!

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1 comment:

Charlie said...

Thanks Crispin, to you and all the rest of the staff at Maho. Wouldn't have been Maho Bay Camps without you guys and the culture you helped create.