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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Swimmers, Yogis, and Danes Oh My!

This January we’ve had 4 groups stay at Maho Bay. We were happy to welcome back the Total Immersion swimming group, and Spector yoga.

The Spector yoga group tends to spend a lot of time in F-Pavilion taking advantage of the great view. We do our best to keep the noise down when we’re working in the area, but we’re sure they hear the housekeeping truck coming from a mile away.

We had two new groups come this year as well. One was a group of school age children. They were extremely well-behaved, and showed flawless execution of the buddy system.

We also had a lively group from Denmark here for the past two weeks. They came under the guise of a learning group, but we believe they were secretly planning a strategy to reclaim St. John for Denmark. Luckily they only managed a takeover of A-Bath, housekeeping, and the taxi stand. They’re spending 2 weeks at our sister resort Concordia, so the final outcome has yet to be seen.

All in all, the biggest impact of groups on housekeeping is setting up a large number of tents before they arrive and the mountain of laundry after they leave.

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