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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

St. John: Segment Three - Video - WCVB Boston

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St. John: Segment Three - Video - WCVB Boston

St. John got quite a bit of publicity over the past few days up in Boston as Channel 5 did a 4 part series on the island. The whole island was featured with focus points on restaurants, villas, resorts, snorkeling locations, boat trips, night life, and local resident interviews just to name a few. If you live here it's well worth watching such a huge publicity piece on our small island, if you're dreaming of living here then it's a perfect intro for what you're in for. If you're thinking of visiting you'll have plenty of ideas after watching.

The best part for Maho? Maho Bay Camps had a feature part of segment 3, focusing on our tents, our art department and our volunteer program each summer. There's a great part focusing on our glass blowing, and mention of what we're trying to produce more of - countertops and concrete options with crushed recycled glass right here at Maho.

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