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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Visiting Artists

One of the most popular nightly activities here at Maho would have to be the Glass Blowing Demonstrations. Each evening from 6:30-9:30pm on Tuesday through Saturday a pair of artists work together creating both usable art and decorative pieces out of hand blown glass, all while interacting and discussing their techniques with our guests. The bottles are of course collected, cleaned and melted right here at Maho - more details on that process later!

In addition to our two full time resident glass blowing staff we typically have one or two visiting artists with us in the Winter months. This month we are lucky enough to have Ann Mitchell and Scott Kempton. If you have a chance to be down here or if you live on the island be sure to stop by and check them out!

Scott Kempton (2/16/11-3/2/11)

Owner and Principle Artist of Blacksheep Glass located in San Diego, CA.
Although classically trained Kempton loves to experiment with new designs and combines a variety of techniques in his work. He looks to the beaches and southern California landscape for inspiration, which is evident in pieces such as his “Coral Reef” and “Aquarium” paperweights and “Bird of Paradise” perfume bottles.

Scott Kempton studied glass art at colleges and workshops in California, Corning New York, and Canada. Although classically trained, he loves to experiment with new designs and combines a variety of techniques in his work.

Scott says of his work “I love to work with multiple layers of glass. The blending of colors and textures gives depth and excitement to glass art that is not found in any other medium. I create glass to be handled. When I create a piece glass art of I am constantly aware that it will be looked at from every angle, and that each view needs to be different and exciting.”

Ann L Mitchell (2/1/11-3/2/11)

Based in Poway, California, Ann Mitchell is an experienced glass artist constantly working to create new pieces and learn new techniques . “for me the process of creating art forms from a flowing, hot bit of molten glass opens my creativity to the fullest.” Ann has a B.A. in studio art from UMKC university and post grad workshops in glass. Since 1998 she has worked in the field of off hand glass-blowing professionally. “I like to incorporate nature in my artwork. My hobbies of diving and nature walks is the inspiration for the sealife (I create).”

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