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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2 less anoles here at Maho

One of the most popular comments at our registration desk upon check-out at the end of a stay is "I wish we could stay longer, but unfortunately we need to check-out this morning."

Apparently the opposite is true if you're an Anole: The other day I was leaving Maho when I noticed two of them sitting on the hood and windshield of my truck as I left Maho. As soon as I reached the bottom of the Maho driveway and main road they both jumped-ship! Jeez, I had no idea the lizards had it so bad at Maho!

Interestingly enough, anoles tend to be fairly territorial. Once they find a home and "roaming grounds" they tend to stay in that area for life. If you find one in your tent then most likely they're wondering why you're entering their territory. Throughout the day you'll probably notice them "sunning" themselves on ledges, taking naps in the shady parts of the tent, doing "push-ups," and peeping out the screens looking for others trying to intrude on their territory.

I'd like to think I caught these two on an off day, when they had roamed too far out of their territory, and not that they desperately wanted to leave Maho.

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RumShopRyan said...

Love these little guys! They are everywhere here in south Florida. I've named the one that lives in a hole in the parking lot. His name is Larry, Larry the Lizard. He greets me most mornings then runs into his hole as a approach. Have a good day Larry!