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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

calm winds and calm waters

Today was one of those handful of days we have each year where the water surface of the ocean in our front yard looks just like glass. Typically we have a steady breeze and/or a swell to keep the water surface inconsistent, but on days with 1-3 knot winds and zero swell (like yesterday, today, and tomorrow) our water is as calm as can be.

What do you do when we have no wind, no swell, and perfectly calm waters?

1) Try paddleboarding (we have the boards and paddles here at Maho now)
2) Go snorkeling. The goal with snorkeling is to float and observe, which is much easier in calm water.
3)Go kayaking. Calm waters make for much less paddling!
4)Go powerboating or deep sea fishing. There may not be a breeze standing still, but moving across flat calm seas at 35 knots will get you a nice cool breeze!

1)Go surfing or windsurfing.
2)Go sailing, or at least expect to sail very fast!
3)Go hiking, unless you bring plenty of water - no breeze makes for quite a sweat!

The picture below was taken just after sunrise this morning, but when you wake up on vacation and see what appears to be slicks of oil on the water surface (like below) you know you're in for a calm day on the water.

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