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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The USVI Postal Service

Holding packages at the front desk is something Maho Bay has always been happy to do for our guests, and as time goes on it seems that more and more people are boxing up and shipping certain necessities rather than purchasing them after their arrival on St. John. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that your packages not only reach Maho Bay by the time you do, but also reach you intact.

While we understand that food costs, and other items, are much less in the continental United States, please remember that there are grocery stores on St. John that have everything you need. We even have the Maho Bay General Store which has a generous supply of produce, dairy, dry goods, as well as toiletries and other necessities.

· Ship Priority: No matter what the post office tells you, even priority boxes can take up to three weeks to get to St. John. Parcel post takes a minimum of 3 weeks, but more commonly takes 4-6 weeks.

· No liquids: Please keep in mind that while the US Postal Service does their best, occasionally your boxes, during the long journey it takes to get here, can get a little beaten up in the process. Having any liquids in your package means there is a greater chance that upon arrival you may discover your box is leaking and a little stinky!!

· Non-Perishables Only: Don’t forget, it will take 2-4 weeks for you box to arrive, so please don’t pack anything that may go bad in that period of time.

· Be wary of shipping glass:If you ship any glass jars, please be sure to wrap them in plastic so if by chance they break, it will not ruin the remaining items in your package.

· Keep it light: Please keep in mind we ask that you not ship boxes that weigh more than twenty-five pounds and/or do not exceed 3ft x 3ft x 3ft dimensions. The easiest way to ship anything is to use Priority Flat Rate boxes that can be found at any US Post Office.

Name, "guest staying...dates"

Maho Bay Camps

P.O. Box 310

St. John, VI 00831

**If you have any packages that exceed the weight/size limit you have the option of shipping to Connections Office in Cruz Bay. They will hold packages until you are able to receive them. You can reach Connections at (340) 776-6922.

If you have any questions regarding packaging or mailing services on St. John please feel free to call Registration Desk at (340) 776-6226 or email at

Pictured is a recent package to arrive at Maho, clearing having seen the worst of the Postal system upon its trip down here. This package had been taped during shipment by the USPS, but still managed to leak the contents out of a busted corner. Upon moving the package for the picture it also sounded like this guest sent themselves a bunch of crushed glass as well :)

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