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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guest suggestions update #2

Our original post about not recycling newspaper or plastic bottles seemed to draw a good amount of attention online, through emails, and talk around camp. I realized today that there is a way in which we recycle newspapers here at Maho: for use in glassblowing! In fact, it appears as though we import newspapers from at least one other source on island to meet our demand in glassblowing.

If you've ever watched a demonstration here you've probably seen our glassblowers use many different tools to reshape the glass while it's hot. One of the "tools" they use is folded-up newspapers, which they soak in water. Since forming the hot glass with your hand is impossible, wet and folded newspaper is the next best thing!

Pictured above is a demonstration in progress, below is a piece of folded newspaper (the business section) that has been put to use.

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