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Thursday, April 14, 2011

It will only take a second..... help the Animal Care Center of St. John make a little extra money. The Animal Rescue Site is running a contest and will be awarding money to various shelters around the US and Internationally based on voting. The ACC on St. John is the only "animal" resource on St. John. There is no government sponsored animal control department. The shelter runs on donations and volunteer work. They work tirelessly making sure stray and abused animals are taken care of temporarily while also working to find them a home, sometimes being adopted by visitors and taken back to the states. On Saturday May 21st will be the annual Wagapalooza fundraiser for the St. John ACC, more details to come in the future on that one. As for now, here are the instructions for voting.
Click Here for voting site
Change Country to Virgin Islands of the U.S.
Click Search (No need to type in a state or shelter name)
You will get two options, Animal Care Center of St. John, Inc. is who we are voting for! We are currently in 7th place for the International Division. We are hoping our Maho faithful will help boost our standings a bit!
Here is a picture of Elvis with that adorable face wondering why you haven't voted yet (he can be adopted from our ACC!).

For more reinforcement, here is Charlie also asking you to vote everyday.

Click Here to see other adoptable St. John dogs.

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look @ those faces. who can resist.