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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Circle of Life: Wine Bottles

This is not a story about a lion and his dead father. It is a story about a wine bottle and its fulfilling life that doesn't have to end in a landfill. There is nothing that makes this wine bottle special or unique or makes it more worthy to not enter a land fill than any of the other bottles. It just happens by fate to have ended up at Maho Bay Camps where we are trying to find new ways of keeping our trash from being, well, trashy. We think used wine bottles can be quite classy and a wonderful addition to homes, businesses, and even parks as benches. Some people are more visual, so we have compiled a story board of pictures to better explain The Circle of Life: Wine Bottles.
1. Birth: Bottles are made and filled and presented on Pride Rock.
*Suggested Listening: Lion King Theme Song
2. Entering Society: Bottles are released into the great yonder to reach their main purpose in life, bringing beverages to you. Not all bottles make it this far, some do in fact break and spill their contents to never reach their potential (don't worry, redemption is possible).
*Suggested Listening: I Believe I Can Fly (..i believe i can touch the sky) (Seal)

3. Life lesson: We don't need you anymore. During this stage in life the bottle is discarded, never to be thought of again. This is a very emotional and trying time for the bottle. Their self worth is severely damaged. They are destined to spend their days at the landfill, to be forgotten about. Maybe a photographer doing an expose on landfills might capture them if they happen to be sticking out just right and the light catches them in that artful way.
*Suggested Listening: Hit The Road Jack (Ray Charles)


On St. John this has been the end of the story for far too long, three parts and that's it. (Que Paul Harvey voice) And now, the rest of the story....
4. Redemption: We need a new place to put our wine bottles once they have attained step 2. We need a counter top. We need a counter top and to change the Circle of Life for bottles. We need a recycled glass counter top. Redemption is a multi step process.
*Suggested Listening: Redemption Song (Bob Marley)
4a. Crush em up: In order for the Circle of Life to continue it is imperative for the wine bottles to learn to work together (we know how wine can be a bit elitist at times). Not much of a choice though when you are thrown into a glass crusher with the rest of the clan.
*Suggested Listening: doesn't matter, you can't hear it over the sound of the crusher anyway.

4b. The Bonds that Tie: Cement. Nothing brings bottles together in a usable form like white portland cement. Steps: Add a little water, shaken (not stirred), poured into a form and (insert catch phrase such as Bam!! or Presto!! or BaddaBingBaddaBoom!!): Counter Top.
*Suggested Listening: I Get By with a Little Help From My Friends (Joe cocker version preferably)

(This is Dan grinding away excess cement)

4c. Spit Shine: Now that the wine bottles are firmly in place and doing what they need to do to help the cement bond, we need to polish them up and get them back out into the world to once again give meaning to their existence.
*Suggested Listening: Fancy Was My Name (thanks Reba)

5. Re-entering Society: The Wine Bottles are now ready to be fully enjoyed by any and all who need some kind of surface for resting things. The first place you can see our new counter tops is at the new Concordia Eco-Studios.

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RumShopRyan said...

You can use the corks too! Collect 50 or 60 (that's the fun part) then glue them side by side in a nice photo frame and now you have a nice and interesting cork board to hand notes and messages with push pins.

Keep up the good work!